IOM SEO If You Don't Have A Website?

How To Proceed If You Don't Already Have A Website

I Don't Have A Website, Can You Help?

Whilst we would always choose first and foremost to perform SEO work on an existing established website there is a possibility we can help.  If you have an existing business or just the idea without a website to go with it please read on.

Have a strong idea of what you want visually? We are not for you.  We consider web design to be an art and if you have very strong opinions on what you want your website to look/function like then that’s not what we do.  Over the years we have worked with what we would consider to be some of the best web designers in the world and we absolutely know our limitations.  Artists we are not!

Looking for an optimised basic website to get your business online or up and running? We can help.  We have over 16 years experience with the WordPress platform and have launched hundreds of successful websites in that time.  There is very little in the WordPress eco system we are not familiar with and as such can have a basic, business relevant, optimised website up and running within days.   

Basic Website Costs

Basic 5 web page website (home, about, services, contact, 1 other of your choosing) setup, including purchase of domain name, web hosting, basic domain e-mail, WordPress setup, theme installation, required licensed images (up to 4), Google analytics account – Initial Setup Cost £1200 – Ongoing Annual Costs (At Cost) – Domain Renewal £10-£25 depending on domain extension, £50 web hosting.

Please note that you will be expected to supply your logo in the best digital format(s) you have and as much basic company information/text as you have available.  You may also choose to supply company specific images/photographs if you have any.  No on-going SEO services are included with this service.

Current Wait Time – 10-12 Working Days (Mon-Fri exc. bank holidays) 

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us and we’ll have a look at where you’re at so we can have a discussion before going any further.  There’s no obligation to proceed and all enquiries are treated with the strictest confidence.